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Fairly makes tax appeals easy for all property owners. Let us increase your NOI - you pay $0 if we don't.
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16.5% saved with Fairly
I could not be happier with the service they provided and the results they were able to obtain. I strongly recommend them.
- Vincent B.
12.8% saved with Fairly
Dealing with Fairly was a painless, professional experience. They did all the work!
- JT S.
13% saved with Fairly
My case was handled promptly, and with almost no effort on my part... The people I worked with were extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and responsive. This is a no-lose service that can save you pretty decent money.
- Nicole H.
8.2% saved with Fairly
Working with Fairly was easier and I got better results. I'm a satisfied customer.
- Jeff B.
6.16% saved with Fairly
If you think your assessment is too high, this is a great organization to work with.
- Robert K.
How It WOrks
Our AI monitors your portfolio 365 days a year. For free.

1) Add your properties

By centralizing all your appeal data, our platform makes it easy for you to save on taxes for one property or a portfolio of one thousand.

2) Initiate an Appeal

Seamlessly kickstart an appeal and never miss another opportunity to save.

3) Save money

We match your property with a qualified regional tax consultant and guarantee you get the best possible market rate.

Drive down gross occupancy costs. Unlock value in your property.

Why Fairly?

You have a business to run. Appealing your property's assessment is a complicated and arduous process. Let us take care of it for you.

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45% of properties in the United States pay too much in property tax. You shouldn't be one of them.
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